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~Mary Cisveluvitchakoi 21.Nov.03 05:52 PM a Web browser
Domino Designer 6.0.1 Windows NT

I'm trying to import XML data into a Notes database using the SAX processor. My guide document has been the LDD Today Article from 3/3/2002 called "LotusScript: More XML Classes in Notes/Domino 6" by Sally Blanning DeJean and David DeJean.

It works except for one element containing HTML tags. This element would look something like this (please substitute "&lt;" with "<" and "&gt;" with ">"):

&lt;BODY&gt;&lt;![CDATA[&lt;p&gt;When shopping for &lt;b&gt;and&lt;/b&gt; taking over-the-counter medications.]]&gt;&lt;/BODY&gt;

The error I get is "DXL Importer operation failed." I believe what's causing this error is not having the closing "p" tag. The data comes from a content vendor so getting the closing "p" tag added is not an option. The bigger issue is that I want the DXLImporter to ignore any special codes like "<" or ">" between these tags ![CDATA[ ... and ]]

Initially my SAXStartELement subroutine didn't have any special commands for the BODY tag so it used the catch-all, namely:

Case Else
nameProper$ = Strconv(ElementName, SC_ProperCase)
Source.Output({&lt;item name="} + nameProper$ + {"&gt;&lt;text&gt;})

Then I was thinking the BODY tag is really of type cdataSection, so I tried:

Case "BODY":
Source.Output({&lt;item name="BODY"&gt;&lt;cdataSection&gt;})

This always results in a DXLImporter failed error regardless of the text between the BODY tags. I also made the appropriate changes to the SAXENDELEMENT subroutine to end my cdataSection.

Are there any other valid types besides "text" and "number" when using the SAX processor? How can I pass the HTML tags straight through the DXLImporter? Should I look at the DOM parser instead.

Thanks for the any suggestions.

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